Find indicators of mutual fund performance
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fund-indicators is a cross-platform Python application that allows users to easily find relationships between various attributes of mutual funds and previous performance. This project is based on research from Performance Indicators of Mutual Funds.

NOTE: This program is no longer functional nor actively developed.

asciicast demo

Key Features

  • 100% automated
  • Uses multiple API's in the case another fails
  • Caches http requests for future runs
  • Scrapes data from Yahoo Finance
  • Color-coded for easy viewing
  • Optional graphs to easily visualize linear regression results
  • A new joke every time
  • Cross-platform (tested on Windows, MacOS, & Linux)


Give it a try at Replit.

If you would like to clone to your own machine:

git clone
cd fund-indicators
pip install -r --user requirements.txt
  • Common mutual funds are listed in stocks.txt
  • Configure and rename config.example.json to config.json if you would like to skip some beginning questions (only for advanced users)

Planned Features

  • Graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Multithreading/asynchronous requests
  • Option to change amount to log (DEBUG, INFO, ERRORS)


Want to help? Great! Check out the file!


This project utilizes a wide variety of open-source projects:

And thank you to those that have helped me with the idea and product:

Licensed under GPL-3.0 | Copyright (C) 2019 Andrew Dinh